Agra Facts

Important Facts
Agra city is an important tourist place in terms of historical and architectural attractions in its precincts. The city has been ruled by the great dynasties of India. The city of Agra, as it exists today, holds the memories of the past as well the modernity that has reached its borders. Some important facts about the city are:

Location : Uttar Pradesh State, India.
Distance from National Capital : 200 kms approx.
Estimated population: 1.4 millions.
Altitude: 169 Meters above sea level
Area: 4082 sq. km.
Winter: 4.20 C 31.70 C
Language: Hindi, Urdu, English
Temperature: Summer - 21.90 °C - 45.00 °C
Rainfall: Average yearly 66 cm.


Light Woolens
Country Code (India): 0091
STD code: 0562